FoodNextDoor is an app-based platform for buying and selling home-cooked meals in your neighbourhood.

For Home-cooks

This is an incredible opportunity for you to earn some extra bucks at your very own home. While you cook your everyday meals for your family/yourself, why not make a few extra portions and SELL them?

How to sell:

  1. Upload a picture of your dish
  2. Add a title and description
  3. Set the price and number of meals available
  4. Set availability time
  5. Set cuisine type and sell!

For Food-lovers

Are you tired of eating out everyday? Do you miss the comfort of home-cooked meals but don’t have the time or energy to cook it? Look no further; this is your go-to app to find the best home-cooked meal in your very own neighbourhood. Not only is home-cooked food good for your soul, it is good for your wallet too!

How to buy:

  1. Simply choose from the dishes in your local listings
  2. Select the time of pick-up
  3. Go to seller's place and pick it up

Give reviews and rate each other to help your friends and neighbours.

FoodNextDoor Screenshots